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Ann Arbor Civil War Round Table Program Archive

AACWRT Past Programs & etc.


September 14:  Ron Cleveland,  "Adventures in relic hunting."

October 12:  Jim Morgan, "A little short of boats," the Battle of Ball's Bluff.

November 9:  Marty Bertera and Kim Crawford, "The 4th Michigan Infantry."

December 15:  (Non-standard night---this is the second Tuesday!)

January 11:  James Ramold, “Black sailors”

February 8:  Fred Priebe,  “Lincoln’s T-mails”

March 14:  R. Hoyer,  “Railroads”

April 11:  Mark Heath, “Jackson Grays---1861” 

May 9:  Eric Wittenberg,  “John Buford”

June 13:  Gerald Turlo “Ambulances” 


September 8: John Gibney, "Yankees in the Cellar (Tales of a Reenactor)."

October 13: David Moore, "Wm. S. Rosecrans."

November 10: Shayne Davidson, "A Photo Album of USCT Soldiers"

December 1: Show and Tell Night---Our annual opportunity for members to shine forth! 

January 12: Rob Stone,  “Near as I Remember,” Long-time re-enactor, military history enthusiast, and AACWRT member Rob Stone presents a lively, informed first-person program on the experiences of a typical Union Civil War infantryman, as seen from the vantage point of an aging veteran, recalling his adventures decades after the war’s end.

February 9: Jim Epperson, "The Siege of Petersburg---Second Hatcher's Run and the Hampton Roads Peace Conference."

March 9: John Moore: “The Business and Economics of the Civil War”

April 13: Rob Girardi, "The Murder of Maj. Gen. William 'Bull' Nelson."

May 11: Roger Rosentreter: "Michigan at Gettysburg" (Also AA-CWRT 20th anniversary celebration)

June 8: Prof. Gregory Urwin, "Glory and Me: A Professor's Love/Hate Relationship with Hollywood."


Sept. 9: Roger Heiple, "Voices of the Veterans 1938-1949."

Oct. 14: Matt Switlik, speaking on “The Boys of ‘61" or "The First Michigan Artillery." Matt is retired Director of the Monroe County Historical Museum and is nationally known as a vintage artillery historian, restorer and wheelwright. His book The Complete Cannoner has been through several editions, and is the gospel for safe firing of vintage artillery.

Nov. 11: Alan Hoeweler, Perryville

Dec. 9: The annual Member's moment night!

Jan. 13: Tom Nanzig, on the formation of West Virginia.

Feb. 10: Dave Powell "Confederate Failure in the Saddle"---an overview of how the Confederate cavalry (commanded by Forrest and Wheeler) failed miserably in the Chickamauga Campaign.

Mar. 10: Mark Heath, "Buglers and Bugle Calls of the Civil War"

Apr. 7 (different date): Dr. Jerald Turlo, MD, "Civil War Medicine."

May 12:  Mark Hoffman, "Among the Enemy: A Michigan Soldier's Civil War Journal."

June 9: Bill Grandstaff, "Three You Know, One You Don't" about three famous Civil War-era authors (Mark Twain, Louisa Mae Alcott and Nathaniel Hawthorne) and one you probably don't know.


Sept. 10: James F. Epperson, "McClellan, Lincoln, Revisionism, and the Withdrawal from the Peninsula."

Oct. 15: Tom Nanzig, "Monuments of Washington DC, part 2"

Nov. 12: Dr. Ramold of EMU speaking on "Discipline in the Civil War."

Dec. 10: The annual Member's moment night!

Jan. 14: Ralph Naveaux,  "Surrounded on all Sides."

Feb. 11: Ken Baumann, "It's A Trial To Get Up Home"---the story of four Illinois soldiers and their travels home from the war.

Mar. 11: Donald Garlit, "A Numeric and Statistical Analysis of the Antebellum Period and the American Civil War, 1790 - 1865"

Apr. 8: Bill Cottrell on "Lincoln and Slavery"

May 13: Dr. Roger Rosentreter of MSU speaking on "Michigan at Antetam."

June 10: Rob Girardi on "Douglas and the Union."


Sept. 12: Roger Rosentreter of Michigan State University presenting “On to Richmond: Michigan at the Battle of First Bull Run."

October 10: Reverend Robert Miller, Chicago, speaking on “Confederate chaplain, Fr. James Sheeran, of the 14th Louisiana (Army of Northern Virginia)”

November 14: Our annual “Show and Tell” program where members and guests are welcome to share some of the unique Civil War artifacts, documents, etc. that they have collected over the years.

December 12: Mr. Bruce Vanisacker of Monroe, presenting “Gettysburg: Behind the Scenes” based on his experiences as a volunteer at the Park for 15+ years studying its artillery, archives and other resources.

January 9: Ranger/Historian Mr. Patrick Schroeder of the Appomattox Court House National Battlefield Park will be joining us to speak on: “Custer at Appomattox”.

February 13: The Ann Arbor Civil War Roundtable’s own Tom Nanzig will be presenting “Civil War Monuments of Washington, DC: Up Close and Personal” in a multi-media format.

March 12: Mr. Jeff O’Den, Writer-Director & Documentary Filmmaker, will be screening his new documentary “Lest We Forget – Black Soldiers and Sailors in the Civil War” for which he had presented a preview to the Roundtable at a previous meeting.

April 9: Mr. Steve Meserve, noted expert on the subject, will be joining us to speak on John Singleton Mosby, the “Grey Ghost” of the Confederacy.

May 14: Mr. John Dempsey, Chairman of the State of Michigan Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee will be speaking on his new book: “Michigan and the Civil War: A Great and Bloody Sacrifice”

June 11: Mr. Kevin Graffagnino, Director of the Clements Rare Documents Library at the University of Michigan,“Our Hearts Were Touched with Fire: The Civil War Collections of the William L. Clements Library”. This meeting will be held in the Main Room of the Clements Library on the University of Michigan main campus, 909 South University Avenue (734) 764-2347.


January 10: Bruce and Deb Vanisacker speaking from their years of extensive study on “The Guns of Gettysburg”

February 14: Jim Epperson relays the myths and realities of “General Grant and the Bottle”

March 14: Mr. J. Kevin Graffagnino, Director and Curator of the nationally recognized William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan will speak on “The St. Albans Raid”, the northernmost land action in the Civil War, in St. Albans, Vermont.

April 11: Noted national historian, Mr. Dave Finney, will speak on “Sixteen Summer Days (June 28 - July 14, 1863): Custer meets the Wolverines.”  The focus of his presentation is on the change of command that occurred on June 29 and the subsequent sixteen days of non-stop cavalry fighting by the Michigan Cavalry Brigade.  Included are the assessment and reaction of the officers and the men of the Brigade to their new 23 year old “Boy General” Custer.

May 9: Mr. John Heiser, National Park Service Ranger/Historian of Gettysburg National Military Park, will be speaking on the 50th Anniversary and Grand Reunion of veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg, a most appropriate look back as we approach the 150th Anniversary of the Battle.

June 13: Mr. Steve Hawks will give his presentation on “The Lost Monuments of Gettysburg”.  Although there appears to be no shortage of monuments, statues, and plaques on the Battlefield, even more remarkable are those that are on “lost avenues”, now on private property, and others that only a dedicated researcher and historian like Steve can locate, but are worth noting.


January 11, Monday: Mr. Ken Baumann speaking on: "Surgeon Gray and the Lincoln Assassination", as our own Ann Arbor Civil War Roundtable member continues the intriguing story of Surgeon Gray, this time telling of his experiences during the Lincoln Assassination.

February 8, Monday: Mr. Robert Garrett of the State of Michigan Archives speaking on “Treasures in Your State of Michigan Archives”,
informing us of the tremendous amount of material at our fingertips available from the Archives of the State of Michigan.

March 8, Monday: Mr. Thomas Waldsmith of Tiffin, OH, author of “General James B. McPherson, The Star-Crossed Knight of the Union”,
one of the very few comprehensive accounts of one of the most capable Generals in the U.S. Army during the Civil War, whose very promising military career was cut short in July, 1864 during the Battle of Atlanta. General Grant wept openly upon hearing of the death of his young protégé.

April 12, Monday: Mr. Ron Cleveland will be speaking on “Battery M, 1st Michigan Light Artillery and It's Flag”.
This flag is the only known large banner preserved from any of our state's 14 light artillery batteries, and Mr. Cleveland will be bringing it with him to allow a look at a truly unique Michigan artifact, and will tell the story of the brave men of Battery M.

May 10, Monday: Professor Gerald Prokopowich, PhD, Director of the History Department of East Carolina State University,
past Director of the Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, IN, host of weekly webcast “Civil War Talk Radio”, Author of “Did Lincoln Own Slaves?’ and “All for the Regiment: The Army of the Ohio, 1861-1862” will be speaking on one or several of his varied experiences.

June 13, Monday, Mr. David Fraley, former Director of the Carter House Museum, speaking on the Battle of Nashville, focusing on the struggles between Generals Thomas and Hood.

September 13, Monday: Mr. Paul Taylor, speaking on the subject of his new book: “General Orlando M. Poe: Civil War General and Great Lakes Engineer”.  General Poe played significant roles in both the Eastern and Western Theaters of the War, then was relocated to Michigan where he designed the Soo Locks and many of Michigan’s signature lighthouses.

October 11, Monday: Well known local Civil War speaker Mr. Jerry Maxwell, speaking on the subject of his upcoming book: “John Pelham and the West Point Class of 1861”.

November 8, Monday: AACWRT’s own Ms. Leslie Reynolds, speaking on the Battle of Glorieta Pass, New Mexico, sometimes referred to as “The Gettysburg of the West”, in that it ended the Confederacy’s bid to break the Union’s control of the West along the Rocky Mountain basin and the Colorado gold fields.

December 13, Monday: Our annual "member's moment" program, featuring brief presentations by AACWRT members.


November 9, Monday: Mr. David Ingall, Assistant Director of the Monroe County Museum System and nationally recognized authority on General G.A.Custer and the Civil War in general speaking on: "Traveling in Civil War Kentucky". Mr. Ingall has intensively studied the 83 State recognized Civil War sites in Kentucky, from the birthplaces of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis to the Perryville Battlefield.

October 12, Monday: Mr. Robert I. Girardi: "General William Carlin", U.S. Army Captain, later detailed to the Volunteer service as Colonel and commander of the 38th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, which he led from the Battles of Fredericksburg through Bentonville.

September 14, Monday: Dr. Lenette Taylor, Assistant Professor of History at Kent State University in Kent, OH, author of and speaking on: "The Supply for Tomorrow Must Not Fail", describing the varied experiences of Captain Simon Perkins, Jr., United States Quartermaster, based upon his personal and military primary source records.

June 8, Monday: Robert and Cherie Allen of Washington, MI: "A 'Guest' of the Confederacy." Civil War Letters and Diaries of Alonzo M. Keeler, Captain, Company B, 22nd Michigan Infantry. Speaking on their highly-acclaimed book of the same name regarding the Civil War experiences of Captain Keeler, including his 528 days spent as a prisoner of the Confederacy.

May 11, Monday: Bill Grandstaff, Israel B. Richardson CWRT: "The Biggest Naval Battle of the War: In the Houses of Parliament" Confederate and Union officials and agents fight it out in London.

April 13, Monday: Thomas Nanzig, President of the Ann Arbor CWRT, speaking on "The Battle of Williamsburg."

March 9, Monday: John Gibney, Director, Monroe County Historical Society and Civil War historian: "Elmer Ellsworth and the Cult of the Zouaves"

February 3, Tuesday: Jerry Maxwell : "Bloodstained to the Elbows: Civl War Surgery and Medicine"

January 13, Tuesday: Jim Epperson: "Two Regiments, a Raid, and a Skirmish: A small thread of the war and its several connections"


08 December: Civil War Christmas Party - "AACWRT Member: Show & Tell."

10 November: Ed Bearss, Dean of living CW Historians, Raconteur & Story Teller Extraordinaire (US-NPS, Retired), "Civli War Heroes and Almost Heroes."

13 October: Mark Hoffman, speaking on his book “My Brave Mechanics”: The First Michigan Engineers and Their Civil War

08 September: Dave Jordan, Kalamazoo CWRT President, Program Director, and Newsletter Editor : "Civil War Cycloramas."

09 June: Col. Kevin Weddle, author, and Prof. at the U.S. Army College, Carlisle Barracks, PA: "Lincoln's Tragic Admiral: Life of Samuel Francis DuPont" (books for sale at the meeting)

12 May: John Vohlken of the Grand Rapids CWRT speaking on "The Construction of Doom: the Mine at Petersburg".

14 April: Robert J. Miller, Chicago author: "Both Prayed to the Same God: Religion and Faith in the Civil War" (books for sale at the meeting)

10 March: Richard Rubenfeld, EMU Prof. of Art History: "Civil War Artists' and Photographers' View of the War"

11 February: Fred Priebe and David Walker: A Presidential Debate: Abraham Lincoln vs. Jefferson Davis

14 January: Jim Epperson, "The Wilson-Kautz Raid."


10 December: Members' Year-end "Show and Tell" It's a tradition! Don't miss it...

November 12: Thomas Cartwright, Director of the Carter House, Franklin Battlefield, Franklin, Tennessee: "It Wasn't All so Grim: Humor in the Civil War"

October 8: Dave Powell, Civil War scholar and board game designer (Chicago area): "The Counter Attack at Shiloh"

September 10: Brian Hampton, Civil War Historian (Oklahoma City, OK): "The Changing Face of General James Longstreet: His Image Over Time"

July and August (Self-study)

June 11: Lesley J. Gordon, Prof. of History, University of Akron: Speaking about her book, "Intimate Strategies of the Civil War: Military Commanders and Their Wives"

May 14: Thomas Mudd, gr gr grandson of Dr. Samuel Mudd, speaking on "The Lincoln Assassination and Defending Dr. Mudd"

April 9: Civil War historian Greg Biggs (Clarksville, TN): "The Crack of Doom: End of the Confederacy in the West"

March 12: Fred Priebe, Ann Arbor CWRT: "The Most Talked about Man in the Country: Col. Elmer Ellsworth"

B-O-N-U-S Presentation: Tom Nanzig, Ann Arbor CWRT radio interview. Click on "Civil War Talk Radio" and scroll to February 16, 2007 to hear it all (and more...)

February 12: Jim Epperson, Ann Arbor CWRT: "Prelude to the Wilderness Campaign"

January 8: Rand Bitter, Ann Arbor CWRT: Speaking about his book, "Minty and His Cavalry - A History of the Saber Brigade and its Commander."


December: Members' Year-end "Show and Tell" It's a tradition! Don't miss it...

November 13: Tom Nanzig, President, Ann Arbor CWRT: Speaking about his new book, "Memoirs of of Virginia Cavalryman"

October 9: Dave Smith, of the Cincinnati CWRT : "John C. Pemberton and the Siege of Vicksburg"

September 11: Richard McMurry, Georgia native and noted Civil War author: "A Georgian Looks at Sherman"

Summer Break

June 12: Dr. Brooks D. Simpson, noted author, Arizona State University, "Reconstruction: War by Other Means".

May 8: Sam Davis Elliott, Chattonooga, Tennessee, military historian and author: "Doctor (and Bishop) Charles Quintard, Army of Tennessee."

April 10: Gary Wlosinski, AACWRT Member, "The Hunley".

March 20 : Liz Stringer, Abraham Lincoln CWRT, "Fredericksburg Civilians During the Civil War". Please note: This is a 'one time' move to the third Monday of March, location remains the same (St. Joe's).

February 11: "John Brown’s Body" A Saturday evening play at the Canton Village Theater. Tickets are $10.00 per person ($5.00 will be rebated back to the AACWRT as a Fund Raiser).

January 9: Ken Baumann, Ann Arbor CWRT member: "With Surgeon Grey on the March to the Sea" (or "Every Old Hog has to get an Acorn Sometime").


December 12: Members' "Show and Tell" An annual "strutin' of our stuff"... A program that's not to be missed!

November 14: George Gouth, "Those Spencers Who Won the War: Christopher M. Spencer & His Wonderful Repeating Rifle"

Oct. 10: James Ottovaere, Reknowned cavalry expert: "Uniforms, Accoutrements and Horse Equipment of the Union Cavalry"

September 19: (a different week than we usually meet for just this one time) Dr. David Fitzpatrick, University of Michigan/Washtenaw Community College: "Gen. Emory Upton: Unrecognized Brillance"

Summer Break

June 13: Dr. David Bush, Heidelburg University, Ohio: "Johnson's Island Confederate Prison: Archeological Finds and Preservation."

May 9: Bill Grandstaff, Israel B. Richardson CWRT: "Walt Whitman: Civil War Nurse"

April 11: Fred Priebe, Lincoln historian: "The 1864 Election"

March 14: Martin Brosnan: "Civil War History's Mysteries."

February 14: Tom Nanzig. "The Battle of Alatoona Pass"

January 10: Jim Epperson. "The Controversy at Five Forks"


December 13: "Annual Members/Friends Show and Tell."

November 8: David Duncan, Dir. of Membership and Develpment of the Civil War Trust, Washington DC. "The Current State of Battlefield Preservation"

October 11: Weldon Petz, "The Lincoln Memorial: From Swamp to Glory"

September 13: - Bruce Allardice, Chicago CWRT, " Why the North Won the War"

May 10: - Tom Desjardin, Lewiston, Maine, "The 20th Maine and Chamberlain"

April 12: - Pierce Roberts, Grand Rapids CWRT, "Hollywood and the Civil War"

March 8: - Steve Hawkes, "The Siege of Harpers Ferry"

February 9 - Jerry Maxwell, Michigan Regimental CWRT: "John Brown: Hero or Madman?"

January 12 - Jim Epperson, Ann Arbor CWRT: "Union Political Generals"


November 10 - Karen Thyer and Don Allen: "Mother Bickerdyke: An Evening of Living History and Civil War Music"

October 13 - Larry Arnold, AACWRT: "Another Look at Phil Sheridan"

September 8 - Dennis Frye, Hagerstown, MD: "The Making of 'Gods and Generals'"

May 12 - Warren E. Grabu, Vicksburg, MS: "Decisions, Decisions! Grant at Vicksburg"

April 14 - Ken Baumann (AACWRT member), "Bring up the Artillery!"

March 10 - Ed Bearss, "Michigan at Gettysburg"

February 10 - Alan Hinds, Noblesville, IN: "Battle of Mobile Bay"

January 13 - Liz Stringer (President, Abraham Lincoln CWRT): " 'Crazy Bet' Van Lew, Union Spy" "


December 9 - AACWRT Member "Show and Tell"

November 11 - Dave Smith, Cincinnati CWRT: "Braxton Bragg"

October 14 - Eric Wittenberg, Columbus, OH: "General Sheridan"

September 9 - Gary Casteel, Sculptor; Gettysburg, PA: "Monument Preservation and the Future"

May 13 - Dennis Keesee, author; Columbus, OH, "Too Young to Die: Boy Soldiers of the Union Army, 1861-1865"

April 8 - Weldon Petz, Lincoln historian, "The Lincoln Assassination"

March 11 - Jim Epperson (member, AACWRT), "The Collapse of the Civil War POW Cartel: What Happened?"

February 11 - Tom Nanzig (Ann Arbor Civil War Round Table), "The Bad Axe Tigers: Common Men in an Uncommon War."

January 14 - Bob Zaetta (Ann Arbor Civil War Round Table), "Nurses, Spies and Warriors."


December 10 - Member's/Visitor's "Civil War ~ Show and Tell."

November 12 - Thomas Cartwright, (Franklin, Tennessee), "Patrick Cleburne."

October 8: Raymond Herek of Harrisville, MI, author of "These Men Have Seen Hard Service: The First Michigan Sharpshooters in the Civil War."

September 10: Jerry Maxwell (Michigan Regimental Round Table), "Quantrill and the Kansas Raids."

14 May: Bill Christen, "Pauline Cushman, Union Spy." Election of officers for next year.

9 April: Pierce Roberts of Battle Creek, "Chickamauga: The Great Battle of the West." [-1-]

12 March: Ed Bearrs, Chief Historian, NPS, (retired)... "An Evening with Ed Bearrs: Recollections and Favorite Stories."

12 February: Greg Biggs of Ohio, "Napoleonic Calvaryman, Nathan Bedford Forrest"

8 January: Dr. & Mrs Robert Mulvihill, "An Evening with General and Mrs. U.S. Grant."


6 November: Steve Alexander of Monroe, "An Evening with General Custer"

11 September: Robert Garth Scott of Grand Blanc, MI, and author of the recently published The Memoirs, Journals & Civil War Letters of Orlando B. Willcox. (Tom N. says its a fabulous read). Mr. Scott is on a speaking tour set up by Kent State University Press. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase an inscribed first edition, if they wish.

9 October: Dick Pitcher of Ann Arbor, "The Suffolk Campaign, 1862-63"

May 8: Roger Rosentreter, Editor, Michigan History Magazine: "The First Michigan Mechanics and Engineers."

April 10: Larry Arnold, AACWRT "Touring Civil War Sites."

March 13: Pam Newhouse: "The Ryder Brothers - I'll stand my chance."

February 14: Doug Lewis:"The Buffalo Soldiers."

January 10: Martin Brosnan: "Dan Sickles."


December 13: AACWRT Member "Show and Tell."

November 8: Ulli Bauman (Western Penna. CWRT)
"Joshua Chamberlain: Citizen-Soldier."

October 11: James I. Robertson, Virginia Tech.
"Stonewall Jackson."

Appomattox Court House 1865 September 13: Tom Nanzig - "The Road to Appomattox" [-1-] [-2-]
Appomattox Courthouse (1865)
here to enlarge image)

6th Michigan Cavalry May 10: Don Allison of Bryan, Ohio, "Hell on Belle Isle: Diary of a Civil War POW."
Mr. Allison's presentation will be taken from his book on the letters and diary of
J. Osborn Coburn, a member of the 6th Michigan Cavalry. Coburn was captured in the Shennandoah Valley in October of 1863 and held captive in Richmond, VA. [
6th Michigan Cavalry
"Fear Not Death--Fear Dishonor."
here to enlarge image)

April 23-24: Midwest CWRT Conference in Farmington, Michigan - "Triumph and Tragedy: The Final Year"

Best Western Hotel & Suites, Farmington, Michigan
Contact: Liz Stringer, 248-473-4118, or email

39th NY

March 8: Woody Christ - "The Battle of Gettysburg: Action at the Bliss Farm" Mr. Christ is a Licensed Battlefield Guide, a historian/researcher at the Adams County Historical Society, author of The Struggle for the Bliss Farm and appeared on the History Channel's "Civil War Journal" series. [-1-] [-2-]
39th New York, "Garibaldi Guard"

Lincoln Bedroom February 9: Fred & Bonnie Priebe -
"A Visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln"

(1st Person Program) [
-1-] [-2-]
Lincoln Bedroom - White House

January 11: CANCELLED due to poor weather conditions. Rescheduled to September 13.


December 14: Civil War Christmas Party - "AACWRT Member: Show & Tell."

November 9: Wiley Sword, author - "Shiloh"

Codori FarmOctober 12: Pam Newhouse - "Gettysburg: The Codori Farm"
Monument to 20th Mass. Infantry with Codori Farm in distance.

GilbertSeptember 14: Dr. William Anderson, author - "19th Michigan Infantry"
Col Henry C. Gilbert, 19th Michigan Infantry (1856)

June ~ July ~ August: No Programs

CWMonumentMay 11: Weldon Petz - "They Are Remembered" Michigan's Monuments [-1-]

FranklinApril 13: Tom Cartright - Battle of Franklin, TN [-1-] [-2-]
Battle of Franklin, TN, November 30, 1864.

TubaMarch 9: Doddsworth Band - Music of the Civil War
Eb Tuba, c1860.

ClementsFebruary 9: Rob Cox - CW Resources at the Clements Library, The University of Michigan

EmbalmJanuary 12: John Mitchell - Undertaking in the Civil War
Embalming in Progress.


CSS AlabamaDecember 8: Chuck Rice -
CSS Alabama and Admiral Semmes
-2-] [-3-] [-4-] [-5-] [-6-]
CSS Alabama & USS Kearsarge, June 19, 1864.

GARNovember 10: Dave Wallace - Michigan and the Grand Army of the Republic [-1-]
GAR Membership Badge (

LincolnOctober 13: Gary Augustine Signature
in New York and Election of 1864

-1-] [-2-]

February 1864

7th MISeptember 8: Herb Liedel - 7th Michigan Regt. fought at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Wilderness and Siege of Petersburg.
7th Michigan Regimental Flag

stampMay 12: Dr. Ian Pemberton, Professor, University of Windsor, 'How the South Might Have Won the Civil War'
-1-] [-2-] [-3-]
George Washington on a 20 cent CSA Stamp (1863)

SultanaApril 14: Gene Salecker, author, 'Sultana: Disaster on the Mississippi'
-1-] [-2-]
Sultana Prior to Departure


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