A list of Civil War links

What we have here is an eclectic list of links to Civil War sites. The selection is entirely by the Webmaster, but suggestions are welcome. The categorization is also by the Webmaster. (It is the only perk of having the job!)

Information Archives

Causes of the Civil War
Avalon Project
U.S. Historical Documents
Home of the American Civil War
Civil War Book Review

Sites related to battles

Siege of Richmond and Petersburg
Summaries of Battles and Campaigns
An Archive of Maps
Civil War Chronologies
Wilderness article by JFE


Civil WarriorsXXXX
Civil War Memory
Chickamauga blog (Dave Powell)
Rantings of a CW Historian
Crossroads (Brooks Simpson)
Cenantua's Blog
Blog them out of the Stone Age
Emerging Civil War
Dead Confederates
Renegade South
Of Battlefields and Bibliophiles
South from the North Woods
Mysteries and Conundrums (Fred/Spots NPS)
Civil War Emancipation

Sites related to people

James Longstreet
Jeff Davis Papers
Lincoln Papers Online
Lincoln-Douglas debates
JFE's rebuttal to DiLorenzo on Lincoln
US Grant Homepage
US Grant Association
US Grant Papers online

Genealogical sites

Cyndi's List
NPS soldiers database (free)
American Civil War Research Database (fee)

Miscellaneous sites

Music and poetry

Slavery and Emancipation sites

Freedman Project
Dred Scott case
New York Historical Society slavery documents

Discussion Groups/Online Journals

Gettysburg Discussion Group